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About flowers

According to some evolutionary theories, the first flowers appeared millions of years ago, long before man appeared on Earth.


Primitive insects such as beetles fed on the plants and ate or damaged their eggs, leaving them exposed, interfering with the perpetuation of the species. This reality generated a strong evolutionary process with the appearance of modified structures with the function of protecting the female gametes and at the same time attracting by smell or sight the most different pollinating agents, which carry with them the male gametes of other plants, providing fertilization and future seed development.


The flower in its essence is protection, attraction and life, dressed in simple beauty.

About vases

Unappreciated beauty disappears? Is an unseen flower beautiful? Subtlety without attention is deciphered?

The flower is unique in its existence, it can be beautiful and even subtle. Some are not easy, but they attract without asking permission. Seeking to elevate the uniqueness and beauty of each flower, allowing the appreciation and appreciation of its characteristics, Paulo Goldstein's series of vases emerged. Inspired by the lines of nature, where the combination of three elements, base, structure and water, are designed not to compete, but to support the main character in this composition, the flower. The emptiness, the absence of excesses offer balance, which is fundamental in the construction of the essential.

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