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About Paulo Goldstein

Paulo Goldstein is a designer/artist. Born in São Paulo in 1980.

Paulo graduated in Fine Arts from FAAP (2003) and continued working as an illustrator for children's magazines and books, until moving to the UK in 2006 where he worked as a sculptor and pattern maker for numerous “Stop-Motion” animation projects, including “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Wes Anderson and “Frankenweenie” by Tim Burton.

In 2012, Paulo completed a Masters in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins in London, where he developed his project “Repair is Beautiful”, followed by the project “Scarcity Project” in 2013, also participating in several exhibitions, including “COLLECT 2013” at Saatchi Gallery and “What is Luxury” (2015) at the Victoria & Albert Museum. In 2015 he returns to Brazil where he deepens his authorial work exploring vases, objects, lamps and small furniture.


Artist Statement

Designer Paulo Goldstein, known for his work in the field of conceptual design, evolves the discourse of repairing and reinterpreting randomly found objects to explore an even more primordial element in his work: form.

The designer rethinks the reasons for his interest in certain objects, both iconic and banal, attributing to this aesthetic aspect the reason for the greatest fascination.

Current research addresses this aspect of their creative process – the constant practice of investigation and inventiveness to transform norms, mechanisms and functions from the enchantment of the object, where the result is as important as the exercise itself.

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